Friday, August 19, 2011

August Wedding Cake

Finally I got to make yet another wedding cake and I've looked so much forward to doing this paticular cake because it seemed so easy! Well guess again missy! 

Late last night I got around to the decorating and finishing touches and I dropped the bow I made on Monday right on the floor! That meant I had to make a whole new bow and didn't have the time for it to dry enough before I put it on the cake and I was disappointed with how it turned out... I tried to salvage it by splitting the bow in half and put on each piece individually and the result was okay... 

Anyway the bride was happy with it and now I just hope that she will be with the taste of it as well... here it is:

The August Wedding Cake

Monday, August 8, 2011

Looong time nooo see...

It just dawned on me how longs it has been since I've made an update on this blog - and I'm a bit ashamed I must admit... I've been so busy moving another blog from LiveJournal to Blogspot and it has taken forever and the posts have just been piling up - so it seems I'm generally behind in my blogging... SORRY!
I hope that I'll soon get more time to blog on this blog as well, I have some beautiful cakes to show off and some dishes as well - I hope you'll be patient with me...

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