Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hubby's birthday and cake

Today my husband turns 30 and in light of this occasion I thought it only appropriate to make him a birthday cake.

Recently he has become very interested in American football and his favourite team is The Indianapolis Colts, so I thought I would challenge myself a bit and try to model something for the cake this time. This was what I made:

A miniature Colts helmet and what a challenge! I've never really modelled something like this and it was a bit more difficult than I expected but overall I was satisfied...

Anyway this is what the cake looked like before he brought it to work and they ate it all!

It spells Happy Birthday in Danish.    

 and the cake from above:

My husband was very surprised and very happy about the cake. The filling was caramel mousse with crushed vanilla biscuits and milk chocolate mousse with crushed vanilla biscuits meant to imitate the chocolate bar TWIX and it got very high praises. I was a bit nervous about the filling as it was the first time I tried this combo but everyone seemed to like it...


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