Sunday, May 23, 2010

The first steps

Now that my friend Carina has arrived safe and sound in Eskilstuna and has made herself familiar with the new surroundings and kitchen and possibly the lack of kitchen utensils (as she is cooking in a kitchen equipped by a guy) we have now decided on which recipes we are starting off with from the two cookbooks. I had the time to browse through them  for real today and we have many exciting recipes to get to and I just got more thrilled the more I read on. I'm soooo looking forward to this little cooking project.

However as Carina supplements her blog about her trip to Sweden I thought I would supplement mine with some of my everyday cooking as well. This way I will challenge myself (and my husband's tastebuds) to keep cooking from all of the different cookbooks I have in my bookcase and try out new blog recipes as well - just look at this collection - I'm only one cookbook away from having the entire Danish collection of Jamie Oliver's cookbooks!

I admit it could be even bigger and I'm working on it! The next collection I will be starting will probably be a Rachael Ray cookbook collection - well actually I have already started it, but as all the recipes are in English, I just have to convert measurements before I can start cooking from it... That box on the second shelf is my Porkert meat mincer - I love it and it saves me a lot of money and hidden fat which we all know is in the pre-minced meat we buy in supermarkets. Thumbs up for Porkert.

Carina and I begin our little project on Wednesday the 26th of May and we hope to have lots of curious readers of our experiences with the first dish...    


Unknown said...

Hehe jeg har næsten en komplet samling af Nigellas kogebøger XD Jeg tror jeg mangler 2-3 bøger :3 Hehe. Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at starte med at samle på Ching-He Huangs kogebøger ^^

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