Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lemon Soda

The second drink in our food project and I dare say, that this was an even greater success than the first drink. Both my husband and I were totally crazy about this slightly acidic but very soda pop like drink. It is not the last time I'll be making this drink and I better make plenty because it's very irresistible. See how Carina liked this drink on her blog - HERE

For a portion of 4-6 glasses  you'll need:

2 dl water
200gram cane sugar
juice of 4 lemons or 12 limes (I decided to use half lemon and half lime so 2 lemon and 6 limes)
1 litre of sparkling water
ice cubes
1 lime in slices

Make the syrup first: Boil water in a pot and melt the sugar in it.
Let the syrup cool down for about 4 hours before mixing it with lemon juice. Add the desired amount of sparkling water when serving and serve the drink in cold glasses or in a big glass jug with ice cubes, lime or lemon slices and extra sugar.

Bon appetit...


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