Sunday, June 6, 2010

Passion fruit soda

This week we decided on doing an extra recipe just to try out one of the smaller recipes and the choice was to mix a drink - non alcoholic that is... well you can make the adult version and add some rum if you'd like but for now this is the kiddy friendly version. 

I had planned to serve it as a welcome drink to my birthday dinner party yesterday but I forgot to shop for it so we moved it to be a part of the brunch we made today. It blended perfectly with the brunch, it has a fresh slightly sour taste to it but that gets you going in the morning and I'm glad that we served it with brunch instead. My husband and father in law were not very fond of the taste of it and couldn't get past the seeds of the passion fruit that kept getting stuck in the straw. I forgot the mint sprigs to put in but it tasted fine without it. 

For 1 glass of passion fruit soda you'll need:

2 passion fruit
1 teaspoon cane sugar
3 dl sparkling water
ice cubes
4 mint sprigs

Split the passionfruit and empty the contents with a fork or a teaspoon into a large glass.Stir in the cane sugar, you can add more if the taste is too sour for you.Add the mint leaves and fill up the glass with sparkling water and ice cubes.
Bon appetit...

Read about my friends experience with this drik on her blog - Carina's Blog


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