Saturday, November 27, 2010

Coarse winter/fall salad

This is my take on a lovely coarse winter/fall salad - I always make this whenever I have fresh leftover cabbage from making cabbage cooked in white sauce which also is a favourite of mine...
This salad goes great along side which ever kind of meat you prefer - I like it with Danish meatballs, fried or grilled chicken or even fish cakes and it's a great way of getting the fibres you need. It's low fat and really easy to make - so just get cooking (chopping) people...

Coarse winter/fall salad with cabbage and carrot (6 servings)
1/4 of a cabbage 
4-6 medium sized carrots
150 grams raisins
75 grams hazelnuts or walnuts

Start by rinsing the cabbage and removing the first two layers of leaves. Then chop the cabbage thinly and put them the strips into a bowl.

Next you rinse, peel and coarsely grate the carrots and mix it in with the cabbage. Add in the raisins.

Chop the nuts as coarsely as you like and mix them in with the rest of the salad. Give it a good toss and viola in just a matter of minutes you have a well tasting coarse salad.

Sorry for the missing picture - I'll be sure to add one the next time I make this fabulous salad...

Bon appetit...


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