Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Sunday of Advent

In Denmark we celebrate the first Day of Advent today. 

Advent originates from the Latin term Adventus which means "the arrival of" or "he is coming" - and it signifies the four Sundays before Christmas (the 25th of December - but we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December here in Denmark) If Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this day will also be the 4th Sunday of Advent. 

We have some traditions attached to this celebration - the Advent wreath. This Advent wreath was originally a tradition brought to Denmark from Germany around World War I and the four candles on the wreath symbolises the four Sundays of Advent and you light a candle for each Sunday, the first Sunday you light one candle, the following Sunday you light two candles and so on. 

This Advent wreath has transformed during the past centuries. Once it was a wreath made from fir branches (which many still prefer today) and it was hung from the ceiling with ribbons or placed on a tray on the table. Today many people have replaced the traditional wreath with a Advent candlestick from some fancy designer or the just make a decoration with four candles. 

I don't use the traditional wreath - but my mother prefers the fir wreath and hangs it from the ceiling. She has done so ever since I can remember and I wouldn't have it any other way at my parents' house. 

I made some traditions of my own regarding the first Sunday of Advent. I make my Advent decoration

Then I put up all my Christmas decorations, if the first Sunday of Advent is before the 1st of December. If it isn't I wait to put up my decorations and do it on the 1st of December. Then for dinner I make rice pudding, which is served with cinnamon sugar on top and a nub of butter in the middle of the warm pudding. I love this dish - it's Christmas at it's best. 

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To go along with this wonderful dish we have light ale - which we here in Denmark call Nisseøl (loosely translated to ale that Christmas elves would drink) A thing my father taught me was to mix the ale with lemon soda - a more kiddy friendly version - and I love it! 

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My recipe for warm rice pudding will be posted soon... Enjoy your first Sunday of Advent.


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